Kitty Ritz Hotel at Alcala Pet Care

Step inside the luxurious Kitty Ritz Hotel at Alcala Pet Care. The Kitty Ritz is your cat's finest home away from home. The Kitty Ritz gives you peace of mind when you are traveling away from your loved pets.

The Kitty Ritz has led the boarding industry with its attention to the bottom line: what is best for your cat. It is completely separate from the kennel; your cat never has to see or hear a dog while vacationing at the Kitty Ritz.

The Kitty Ritz suites have been designed for the specific needs of different cats; there are geriatric suites, young cat suites, family suites, and even suites for those cats that need extra privacy and solitude. We've built windows into our suites to give your cats a view of the gardens, birds, and some suites even have a view of the dog park. The Kitty Ritz is temperature and humidity controlled, comfortable, and relaxing.

  • Our Cattery is completely separate from the dogs
  • Large individual cat suites
  • Temperature and humidity controlled
  • Purified drinking water
  • Window Compartments are available
  • Immaculately clean environment
  • Large activity and play room
  • Special Suites for senior cats

Your cat will enjoy its visit at the Kitty Ritz while you are away.

Tabby visiting Alcala Pet Care Photo by Karrina Darlene Salazar

Cat Boarding Rates

The Kitty Ritz has a wide variety of Suites. Each has a window to view the gardens or play yard. Prices vary by the size and type of suite you prefer.

Cat Boarding Rates
Suite Price
Window Suites (price varies by size) $12.00-22.00

Prices as 1/1/2009

Each additional cat is $7.00 if kept together.

Charges are based on a calendar day. There is no check-in or check-out time. There is no boarding charge for the last day, if the cat(s) receive a bath.

TLC (Play Time)

Playtime in our reception room is $8.00 for one cat/ $12 for two cats per session. Play time lasts for around 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the cats, and is always supervised. We provide toys, warm laps, and the love, but you are free to bring your cat's favorite toy as well.

TLC (Special Care)

Additional charges of $4.00 a day are applicable for medications, special feeding, geriatric cats, and kittens.

TLC at the Kitty Ritz Photo by Karrina Darlene Salazar

Vaccination requirements for cat boarding

Must be done once in their lives.
We accept a current 1-year or 3-year vaccination.
Must be done within the last year.

We isolate cats for two weeks after being vaccinated. Please have your vaccinations done AT LEAST two weeks prior to boarding.

The Facility

The Kitty Ritz hotel was built in 1985 to give cats the finest possible pet care while you are on vacation. It was the first luxury cattery and is the only one in San Diego to be completely separate from the dog kennel. The Kitty Ritz is air-conditioned and features large suites with windows for each cat.

The Kitty Ritz introduced the Senior Suites in 1999 for those cats that have a hard time jumping up and down. They have 30 square feet of flat floor space, with a south-facing window, and located for optimum temperature control.