Stay and Play at Alcala's Doggie Day Care

Your dog will love visiting Alcala Pet Care for Doggie Day Care. Our Stay and Play park provides a safe, fun atmosphere for your pets while you are away. Our specially designed park provides ample room for frolicking as well as shady spots for resting and socializing.

Dog Day Care Rates
Dog Size Day Care Rates
Small Dogs $20.00/day
Large Dogs $25.00/day

Prices as 4/26/2015

Finish the day with a bath!

Add a bath to your dog's daycare activities. Baths include: Nail Trimming, Shampoo, Conditioner, full brush out, and ears cleaned if necessary. There is an additional charge for dogs with long hair or matted coats. We use all natural Tropiclean Shampoos, Conditioners, and Flea control products.

Vaccinations required for Dog Day Care

Must be current, within the last 3 years.
We accept a current 1-year or 3-year vaccination.
Good for 6 months, we recommend it being given internasal at least one week before coming in.

Age Limits

We cannot host puppies under 16 weeks of age due to immune deficiencies. Your dog must be healthy, happy, and able to climb a few steps.