Holiday Boarding Requirements

Though fall is scarcely upon us, the winter holidays will be here in no time, and we encourage you to begin thinking about your pets’ boarding needs during this very busy season.  In our effort to maintain order and simplify the boarding process for all, we would like to offer a few guidelines to our clients before reservations are made and secured.

Pets we can take:

  • Dogs over  6 months old
  • Dogs which are not anxious or aggressive toward other dogs in a boarding environment
  • Dogs/Cats with NO health issues that require close monitoring (We cannot guarantee pets with special needs the individual attention they may require).
  • If you have a “new” dog that you wish to board with us over Christmas and/or New Year’s, it must be checked in for daycare or a short stay during the next month so both it and our staff have a chance to get acquainted with one another.

Preparing food and administering medication for all of our guests is very time-consuming during times of peak occupancy. 

  • Owner-provided food needs to be measured out per serving, and all “dry” meals need to be bagged individually per feeding.
  • A daily $2.00 charge will be applied to all pets with medication.*

*Please remember that we do not administer injectable medication of any kind.
We have plenty of bowls, bedding, and toys for our guests.  Please bring as few of your pet’s belongings as possible.  We cannot take beds that are large, bulky, or otherwise difficult to wash.  If you must bring something familiar to your dog, we recommend inexpensive synthetic fleece blankets, cut in half and clearly labeled.  We cannot guarantee the return of all personal items left with your pet, so please do not bring anything that you cannot afford to lose.
Because people are not always reachable while they are away, we MUST have completed emergency authorization forms and at least one LOCAL emergency contact listed for ALL boarding pets.

All pets must be current on their vaccinations.


  • Alcala will be closed to the public December 24th, 25th, 31st, and January 1st.  Pets may not check in or out on those dates.
  • Pets must stay a minimum of FOUR (4) calendar days.
  • Dogs receiving exit baths on their last day of boarding may not be checked out before 12:00pm.  If you need to pick them up earlier, arrangements must be made at check-in for them to be bathed the day before they leave.

A non-refundable $100.00 deposit will be required to secure your pet’s holiday reservation.  At the end of October, clients with existing reservations will be sent a letter providing deposit details, vaccination reminders, and holiday hours.
Please make your holiday reservations no later than Friday, December 4th.  This is the deadline for deposits, and no more reservations will be taken until all existing reservations have been confirmed.  It is very difficult for us to accommodate all last-minute requests made during this time, and we want to avoid any situations that lead to over-booking or owners being unable to find a place to house their pets.
If you have any questions about our policies and procedures during the winter holidays, please call us at 760-436-6619.  Reservations may be set up by phone, in-person, or made electronically via our website,  All electronic reservations must be confirmed by us via Email.

The Staff of Alcala Pet Care