Can Dogs Have Persimmons

Can Dogs Have Persimmons?

Can dogs have persimmons? Does this question keep invading your mind? We all want our pets to benefit from healthy foods, but not good foods are right for them. So, whether persimmons are suitable for your lovely dogs or not?

Do not panic! Keep reading and get the answer yourself!

Can Dogs Have Persimmons?

The answer is “Yes”! Your dogs can have persimmons, and persimmons flesh can benefit their health at some point. However, it is only safe if you take all the seeds out. Persimmon seeds and most kinds of seeds are harmful or even deadly for dogs. 

Just like us, when dogs eat the seeds, they will go right into the dog’s intestine and block it. When the seed is there, it can cause inflammation and harm your dog badly. If we cannot take it out, it will be dangerous and even deadly for dogs. 

If your dog already eats the seeds of this fruit, make sure to take them to the vet and get their intestine checked immediately. The sooner to have then checked, the better for their health. 

When you feed your dog, make sure you take all the seeds out and throw them somewhere your dogs cannot reach to protect their health. Persimmons flesh only is fine for them, and you can use it as a treat to your dog. 

Some people might tell you that because persimmons have a high vitamin C level, you should let the dogs eat this fruit for that vitamin. 

Even though this fruit has a lot of vitamin C and this vitamin is necessary for us, dogs do not need to eat food with a high level of vitamin C because their bodies can produce it independently.  

Some fruits (without seeds) are fine and might contain some valuable nutritions for dogs. The fiber in fruits and other vegetables can benefit their digestive system also, but in general, they do not need to eat them as a necessary part of their diet. So, it would be best if you just occasionally give them this fruit as a treat.

Is It Safe For Dogs To Eat Persimmons?

Yes, again, persimmon is safe for dogs if the seeds are taken out completely. Persimmon does not contain any toxic chemicals that are harmful to your dogs. 

If you have a garden with persimmon trees, be careful and do not let them go around the tree and randomly eat some fallen fruit because they might end up swallowing the seeds too.  In this case, it will be best if you keep your dogs away from the trees or use fences to avoid your dogs from going near. 

As mentioned above, fruits are not a part of the dogs’ diet. So, when your dog is dealing with some sickness, especially about the digestive system, please do not feed them the kinds of food they do not need. 

Persimmons and other unnecessary and harmless treats should only be fed to them when their health is totally fine. 


Some dogs fall in love with persimmons and treat badly, and for dog lovers, watching them eating their favorite food can make their day. However, as dogs have a different ideal diet than us, we always need to check carefully before giving them a new kind of treat. 

So, can dogs have persimmons? We think you already have the answer by now after we provide you with information about this topic. Ensure your dog is healthy, and all the seeds are taken out, then persimmon can be one extra treat for your buddy.

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