How Long Do Morkies Live

How Long Do Morkies Live? The Lifespan of Morkie Breed

As real dog lovers, it is quite easy for us to spot that Morkies are not a normal breed of dogs as they are too small. Sadly, they are the results of unethical dog breeding. Therefore, many of them have more health issues compared to other dog breeds. So, how long do Morkies live, and what health problems do they have? 

How Long Do Morkies Live?

The answer will make you happy if you are friends with a Morkies buddy. They can live pretty long compared to other dogs, with a lifespan of up to around 10 to 15 years. For this reason, you can expect to have a long-term companion with this little friend. 

The number of 10 to 15 years may look good, but Morkies can only reach this number if they are well cared for. That means you need to make sure their health is checked frequently, and they are not alone. 

There are a few reasons you can pay attention to if you want your cute furry buddy to live a longer and happier life. 

We all know that dogs are pretty active, and Morkies are not the exception. They need companions to feel happy, and they need to be taken out frequently, just like the bigger dogs. 

If you think smaller dogs do not need to do so much exercise, then you are wrong. Morkies are known as really active dogs, and without exercising or going out, their health will be affected negatively. We know that humans cannot have the best health or live a long time if they do not exercise, right? In this case, our loyal friends are the same. 

Another thing to care about is that Morkies are so small and vulnerable. That means they can easily be hurt by humans, babies, and other animals. You need to make sure they are not harmed or have injuries because when they have, it will be harder for them to overcome, and even if they get over the accidents, the number of their lifespan might also be affected.

What Health Problems Do Morkies Have?

While some Morkies can have perfect health, many others have encountered different types of health issues in their life. 

The diseases and problems this dog breed may suffer from include collapsed trachea, portosystemic shunt, Hypoglycemia, patellar luxation. Many of these problems are heritage. Moreover, many Morkies also sneeze a lot or have issues with their ears, eyes, and oral system. 

When you see those issues in your buddy, it will be much better for them if you take them to the vet early. 

On the other hand, Morkies are the results of abnormal and unethical breeding, so it is easy to understand why they have many problems. If your dog has those heritage health issues, do not breed them if you do not want to have many puppies with those issues and have to give them so much medication just to make them maintain a normal state of health.


How long do Morkies live? We think you already know the answer after reading this sharing article. 

Morkies can be your long-term buddy if you take care of their health well and protect them from potential harms. It might be busier for you to do those things, but it is worth it if we can spend more time in life with your little buddy, isn’t it?

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