How To Make Your Own Bully Stick

How To Make Your Own Bully Stick

The bully stick, which is about 9cm long, is a delicious treat for dogs to gnaw and absorb the necessary amount of calcium. With this useful calcium supply, your puppy will become healthier and have stress relieved effectively. 

Nowadays, there are a variety of bully sticks out there from hundreds of manufactures. Those from the pet stores might not fit your dog, and you may want to make the bully sticks yourself. In this article, we will show you exactly “How to Make your own bully sticks at home.”

Why Are Bully Sticks So Expensive?

Firstly, bully sticks provide your dog with a 100% natural treatment. Made with 100% beef, this tasty treat is high in protein, low in fat, and also a safe alternative to raw bones. 

Beef is known to be high-quality meat compared to others. Moreover, the process of making bully sticks in factories is quite complicated and time-consuming, as it requires days for the sticks to stay in a pressure cooker.

Not only does this protein-rich treatment bring joy and happiness to the dogs, but it also helps remove tartar and build-up naturally, promoting healthy gums, teeth, and overall oral health. 

Secondly, the end product can also be flavored with spices to create different flavors for your dogs to enjoy. In order to preserve the flavor of the sticks, manufacturers have to add several specialized preservatives, which will cost you a little bit more. 

Moreover, product packaging and design is also a reason why it is overpriced. Therefore, trying to make bully sticks at home for your dogs seems to be a more economical solution.

How to Make Your own Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are mostly made from pizzle, which is the bull’s penis. It sounds weird, but this is loved by puppies worldwide and brings them a lot of benefits.

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

To create the bully stick, you will need to buy about 500 grams of pizzle and some additives to add different flavors. Clean the beef by exposing it to boiling water, then use a razor to completely clean the outer skin, and make a cut in the center of the pizzle. 

It would be best to clean the beef with salt and a bit of lemon. Remember to carefully rub the pizzle for a couple of times to remove any dirt or waste (including blood and urine). Once you finish, rinse the pizzle clean and let it dry. It would help if you used a clean towel to absorb any excess water.

Step 2: Cook the bully sticks

How should you cook the pizzle?

First of all, boil it lightly. Once the water starts to have bubbles, you have to take the pizzle out and soak it in a bowl of ice-cold water, so that it won’t darken. 

Start the boiling process again, but this time, you use a new pot of water. You should boil the bull penis for at least 3 hours to clean up any fluid or residue in the core of the pizzle. 

In a large factory, people have pizzles hung up and cook inside the hot tank for several days. But for a home-made bully stick, you need to put the pizzle in your oven at home and roast it until all water evaporates. The ideal temperature is around 165 – 195 degrees. And this complete process will take a few hours to finish.

Once it is cooked, you will need to cut your product into 9 cm bully sticks. It can be extremely difficult since the pizzle is now as hard as a rock; you might need a big knife or even a small saw. You can add some additives to create delicious bully sticks for your dear puppies.

The best way to store your handmade bully sticks is by using a paper bag with a zipper. Always keep in mind to store them in the freezer. You can purchase additional moisture-resistant packs to keep them longer.

In Conclusion

Bully sticks are a great treat for your dogs. Since these delicious foods not only bring pleasure to your pets while enjoying but also provide nutrients for their bodies. Surely, your canines won’t take their eyes, and noses, off this treat.

We have walked you through all the steps you should know about How To Make Your Own Bully Stick and hope you are satisfied. Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends.

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